Thursday, May 5, 2016

The America I Hope To See - A Platform Draft for a New, Conservative Party

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Good & Evil

Good and evil exist.  The government's role is to condone/honor good and punish evil.  These terms and their implications are difficult to define in a country that values freedom of and from religion, but it is a privilege to debate and reconcile with our fellow Americans in exploring and delineating our shared mores.

The Constitution

The Constitution is the document that binds us together and, with the Declaration of Independence, define the identity of the United States of America.  All laws must comply with it, save a ratified amendment, or they will be abolished.

Opportunity and Poverty

True freedom means having not only the opportunity to better oneself but the access to the means of doing so.  Our country has a divided history, not only along racial lines, but along class lines.  A conservative-led government will actively seek out and rectify inequality wherever it is found.

It is our sincerely-held belief that prosperity should lift all, not some.  Our honor demands that we care for the vulnerable, including children, the elderly, and people with disabilities, and indeed we find joy in doing so.


There are times when evil presents itself in such a way that requires us to take action.  In these situations, not to act would be the same as giving our assent to the evil before us.

But security must not be wrought at the expense of liberty and generosity of spirit.  We will not suspect our neighbors or those in need of our help unless we are given probable cause to do so.

Immigration & Race

Some of our best and brightest, including many of our founders and original soldiers, were born in other lands.  We will continue to welcome immigrants and will renovate our legal system to facilitate a more equal and beneficial immigration system.

We will continue our proud history of fighting racial injustice by examining  our current systems for and ridding them of racial bias, including public education, law enforcement, and access to employment.

Life and Personhood

We believe that life comes from life, and this applies to conception and personhood.  If it is a tragedy when a woman involuntarily loses a pregnancy, it is a tragedy when a pregnancy is voluntarily ended.  To this end, we will work first to make abortion rare, then illegal, except in cases of medical necessity.

This requires of us a commitment to better foster care and adoption, regardless of the cost or complexity.

Our value of life also governs the treatment of prisoners and our enemies.  We must and will set the standard, the world over, for just and even beneficent care of prisoners and enemies.


Anyone who proudly claims their American citizenship and pledges allegiance to her is an ally, not an enemy.  Despite our political differences, it is our duty and honor to work together with our fellow Americans, not a burden.  We appreciate and are grateful for the freedom that allows us to have dissenting discourse, and for the uniting documents and spirit that produce compromise and cooperation.

Health & Death

The glory of American research and innovation shines brightest in the medical field.  We endeavor to find pathways to present all Americans with affordable healthcare and continue the pursuit of medical advancement.

Likewise, we will begin a discourse about what dignified death looks like in America in a way that honors our elderly and ill.


Freedom is an experiment that must be protected and cherished.  If it were easy to maintain a free society, every country would do it.  We will renew our defense of constitutional freedoms, and in doing so, chart a path that readies our great nation for future obstacles and threats to freedom.


The American dream is tangible, but it must not be an idol.  We will not sacrifice our best selves or indeed our souls for prosperity.  Banking and financial reforms are key issues in ensuring the most prosperous future for all Americans.

Campaigning and Public Office

Public service should be an act of service, not a means of personal betterment.  It should be the solemn duty of officials to serve and their joy to return home.

We will seek immediately to end soft-money donations and Super PACs, and we will enforce current campaign-finance laws.

Salaries of public officials will not exceed the median wage of United States citizens.

Term limits will be enacted on all public offices.


  1. This is intriguing. Well written. The notion of a new party emerging is very intriguing to me. I'm curious what sort of things have influenced and informed your draft thus far?

    1. There is quite a long list of things, but among them I would say:
      - The Truth Project
      - Robert Sirico
      - This article about what made Ferguson, MO explode:
      - The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
      - This article about Asian-American men:
      - This book:
      - Owning a small business.

      Like I said, there have been many other influences, but these are some of the significant ones.


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