Wednesday, May 4, 2016

#NeverTrump + My Third Party Wishlist

President James Earl Jones commissioning a U.S. Naval Vessel: "This Battleship is fully operational."

Was I crazy writing yesterday's post about my intentions to vote for John Kasich in the Nebraska Primary?  No.  Just hopeful.

Many have asked on Facebook today what I'm going to do now.

The only thing I know for sure: I'm not going to vote for Donald Trump.

I'm a social conservative, but I believe that government has a role in punishing evil and honoring and encouraging good.  To me, that means government should be small enough that it doesn't become an evil in itself, but large enough that it can enforce and nurture the best version of our social contract.  This, by the way, is why I was never on the Ted Cruz bandwagon.

Donald Trump is the opposite of that definition.  His inflammatory, irresponsible, and disrespectful ways, which, I assure you, are reflective of personal character and not just campaign stunts, will never build that kind of government.  He will continue to alienate, obfuscate, and confound, rather than unite, accomplish, and lead.

So what does Never Trump look like in practice?

My options as I see them:
1. Stay home on election day.  

This option accomplishes nothing.  It leaves the decision up to others.

2. Vote third party.

I sincerely hope that a qualified third-party candidate arises, but it seems unlikely.

My third-party wishlist:
Bill Gates - Tech and Humanitarian Leader

Tim Cook - Tech Leader with an eye on the future of privacy/security

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - I can, in fact, smell what The Rock is cookin'.

Bill Hybels - Pastor and Humanitarian, likely to be endorsed by Bono

Kay Warren - Accomplished Humanitarian

Mayim Bialik - Smarter than both of this year's candidates combined.

Elizabeth Warren - Tells the truth.

Bruce Willis - Live free, die hard.

Chuck Norris - Walker Texas Ranger would like you to know, you have the right to remain

Robert Downey Jr. - Every press conference would be amazing.

Martin Sheen - Fictional president.  Better than most actual presidents.  Pro-life.

Aaron Sorkin - Best speeches we're ever likely to hear.

James Earl Jones - Darth Vader for President!  Need I say more?  (Can you imagine Putin picking up the phone only to have James Earl Jones on the other end?)

Nikki Haley -  Took down the flag. As long as she doesn't campaign for Trump.

Ben Stein - Make America Smart Again!

Tom Selleck - Magnum P.I. for President!  "You mustache not what your country can do for you, but rather you mustache what you can do for your country!"

Jeff Bezos - He built Amazon, which is only a few letters different from America, and equally as awesome.

Morgan Freeman - Seems like a bit of a demotion for God, but if we ever get hit by a meteor, I only want his voice keeping us calm.

Bill Pullman - We will not go quietly into the night!

Will Smith - "I pulled up to the White House about 7 or 8 . . ."

Warren Buffet - The Oracle of Omaha, baby.

(Yes, I know this is celebrity-heavy.  I'm sure I will think of a few others later.)

3. Vote democrat.

While I've yet to vote for a democrat in my adult life, I am very strongly considering it this election.  John McCain was such a lackluster candidate, and I wanted to see a minority in the White House, but Barack Obama is far too pro-abortion for me to have voted for him.  Likewise, Mitt Romney didn't even occur on my list of preferred candidates, but I figured, "He's more in tune with my values than President Obama."

But I can't really make either of those arguments about Trump.

I would much sooner vote for a candidate of a different party, with whom I know that I disagree, than vote for someone who defies everything that conservatives stand for yet claims to be a Republican.  Not to mention the illegal, unethical, and just generally horrible things that we know about him (let alone the ones we don't).

Donald Trump is the what the douchey rich kid from every high school movie grows up to be (if they don't get arrested for murdering a prostitute).  Hillary Clinton has held public office and at least tries to hide her racism.

I hope that Donald Trump gets swept in a fifty-state-rout that teaches the Republican party to never, ever again present us with a candidate like him.


  1. I posted this somewhere, but it is my genuine hope that this finally acts as a catalyst for the emergence of at least one more viable party. I know that there are a lot of people like you who have voted Republican and are open to something else for the first time. If there are enough, you won't have everyone pretending a vote for the person who didn't win is a wasted vote. They don't say that when their party candidate loses in a landslide...

    I'd like to see a party with a moral base (something GOP only ever merely faked at) that is still compassionate on social issues. I'd like to see a party that works hard to defer authority to state and local governments and personal liberties and isn't too arrogant to look for what works elsewhere rather than merely what fits their personal ideology. I'd like to see a group that resists the urge to fly to the far right OR left and doesn't exist to appease the crazies. Anyhow - all that stuff you said about being a social conservative fits here, too.

    I think that until people start voting third candidate even when they don't have a chance to win, we are going to be stuck with the trash the major parties are providing. Hopefully these two are polarizing enough to at least get it started. It isn't a wasted, pointless vote. It is a step towards something. Maybe this time they get 10% instead of 1% and next time a guy like Sanders runs independent and gets past the primaries and makes it a serious 3 way race.


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