Sunday, May 1, 2016



Kids, gather around.  I want you to see this.

How many times has daddy told you not to drink juice and drive!

This is why!  This!

Take a good long look at this photo.  Daddy took it on his way home from a photoshoot for work.

Can you see the Batman decals, so lovingly applied?  You can almost picture the day he brought this bad boy home.  He'd always been sensible with his allowance, but when he got promoted from clearing off the dinner table to taking out the trash, he felt like he owed it to himself to live a little.

Do you see him, taking it out for a spin the first time?  The breeze felt cool on his neck because mom had just given him a haircut in the kitchen.  His toes sizzled a little on the warm asphalt, but he didn't care because the heat searing the soles of his feet made him feel alive, made him feel like a man.

And now . . . this.  What a waste!

Did he not think of the action figures who depended on him?  What about his stuffed dog Spot?

Who knows how long he laid there in the grass, alone, shorts grass-stained and knee bloodied with a vicious scrape?  It could have been minutes!  Imagine the gulps for air he must have taken between sobs as he fought to regain the air that had been slightly knocked out of his little lungs.

This is why, kids!  This!

Don't ever drink juice and drive!  Never!

You call me if you need picked up!  I won't be mad.  Just promise me you'll learn from his mistakes.  Life is too precious, too short.

I love you guys.  I'm sorry I scared you.  I had to.  It's my job.

No toddlers were harmed in the making of this blog post.  Drinking and driving is a serious subject.  For the sake of your, my, and everyone else's family, don't drink and drive.

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