Monday, May 2, 2016


I often wonder what my parents were feeling when they were my age. Three little kids at home, dad working, mom holding down the homestead. 

And not just my parents, but the people their age who I see at church or around town. 

If Facebook had existed when they were younger, would they have commiserated the struggle of "adulting" with their peers?

When my mom and I talk about this lifestage, she says things like, "You've just got to get through it," and then offer a reason or two why it was more difficult when my parents were raising us - usually dad's work demands.  

So part of me thinks, "Yeah, they would've complained about 'adulting' too." My parents certainly seem to be having more fun as grandparents than they did as parents. Don't get me wrong, they love us. I'm just pretty sure they are enjoying not having to put up with my nonsense any more. 

"Modern" computing back then came with a DOS prompt, so there wasn't any social networking to be done, but I also remember my mom spending what seemed like hours on the phone. We even bought an extra long phone cord so she could talk on the kitchen phone but keep her eagle eye on us in the living room. As technology progressed, Internet chat rooms were actually a great help to my mom when my little brother was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. 

Despite what older generations may claim about younger people being lazy and entitled, it seems like we're all just doing our best to play our parts without the benefit of scripts. 

Kids, if you come across this in 30 years, though I highly doubt you will be trolling these archives on your newfangled, fancy computer machines, we didn't have any idea what we were doing either. You're fine, just do your best. You'll almost definitely screw it up, but hey, look how you turned out!

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