Friday, May 25, 2012

"two a-holes" no more

Saturday Night Live has been pretty stale for a long time, but they did at least one thing right in recent years.  That one thing is the "Two A-holes" sketch.

Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis played, well, two a-holes in different scenarios.  If you have ever worked retail or really ever been out in public at all, you have met these people.  He is the guy who is always wearing the Bluetooth earpiece, probably more to show off his importance than to take calls - only slightly classier than the guy who hangs two fake testicles from the bumper of his truck.  She texts constantly while smacking her gum and half-heartedly listening, even after having asked a question.

This sketch doled out a sweet measure of justice on behalf of those of us who must suffer these self-important people, their outlandish demands, stingy tips, and arrogant impatience everyday.  For a couple of minutes on Saturday nights, America was the judge and jury, finding these "a-holes" guilty and sentencing them to public mockery.

Sadly, Kristen Wiig's last episode was last Saturday, so it's unlikely we will see the "a-holes" again except when she hosts or makes a cameo.  Here is some of their finest work:

Thank you for the laughs, Kristen.  We will miss you on the show.


  1. I just wanted you to know that annoys the dinosaur is awesome and that this entry reminded me of my special hatred I have for the testicle trucks, that is why I am going to Ace hardware to purchase some bolt cutters which I will keep in my vehicle, in case I see one such testy-truck again. Also, keep this blog going, cause it's incredible!

    1. Thank you! Sorry I haven't been around much. I hope to get some new posts up soon.


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