Monday, May 28, 2012


As an aspiring photographer, I look up to a great number of artists in the field.

My friend Bryce, also a photographer, suggested I do some photography reviews on here, but I hardly feel qualified to critique others at this point.  Instead, let me introduce you to some people who I think are doing work worthy of notice.

- Zach Hodges: I had the privilege of working alongside Zach over the last couple of years doing music at our church.  He taught me nearly everything I know about working a camera, but don't let that negatively impact your opinion of him.  Zach also works for Visual Supply Co., which I cannot wait to get.  (Hey Zach, if VSCO needs beta testers for T2i support, give me a call.)

Zach is based out of Southern California and takes beautiful sun-soaked natural light pictures.  My favorite thing about Zach's photography is how he is so stinking creative with his use of the scene.  I don't know if he's an incredible location scout, ridiculously creative on the fly, or both, but I love that aspect of his photos.
photo: Zach Hodges Photography
- Peter Schweitzer: Peter was doing the "photo-a-day challenge" long before anyone else I know was doing it.  I don't know exactly where Peter would consider himself on the hobbyist-to-professional spectrum, but I think he does "slice of life" photos better than anyone I know.

Peter shot our wedding and did a wonderful job capturing candid moments, which is what we really wanted.  He is also an airplane mechanic, is restoring his house, and is awesome to hang out with (as is his wife).
photo: Daily Photo Fix
- Troy Grover: Troy and I briefly attended the same high school.  We each went our separate ways, but I discovered through facebook a few years ago that we both ended up in California.  At that time, I also discovered that Troy was on his way to becoming a hugely successful photographer.

He he shot campaigns for Nike and other major businesses.  In my humble opinion, everything Troy shoots looks like it belongs in a magazine.  Seems all the wedding websites (Grey Likes Weddings, et. al.) agree.
photo: Troy Grover Photographers
- Trevor Hoene: I have only met Trevor a couple of times socially, but my wife went to college with him.  From his recent work, however, you would hardly know that he has any connections at all with ordinary (i.e. not famous) people.  Lately, he seems to be booked entirely by magazine shoots and album covers.

In addition to his fabulous work, the best thing about Trevor is his continued work with 31 Bits.  31 Bits is a jewelry company that teaches marketable skills to internally displaced Ugandan women and connects them with an audience wanting to buy their products.
photo: Trevor Hoene

As with anything, I'm constantly being inspired by other up and coming photographers.  I will try to mention them as I come across them.

Whose photographs do you like?

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