Friday, May 25, 2012

people I admire

photo: Robert Goodwin

I often feel like an ant compared to the giants of strength, courage, integrity, and redemption God has placed in my life.

Today, I don't want this post to be about me.  Instead, it's going to be about people I admire.  You'll probably be able to identify some of them, but I'm only going to use first names and vague details because I didn't ask permission to talk about them.

I admire:
Dan - He just welcomed his fourth child into the world.  Only two are biologically his, but I didn't know that until several months after meeting him because it's impossible to tell the difference by the way he fathers them.  Dan is an incredible picture of how God has adopted us into His family after we separated ourselves from Him.  He is also ridiculously smart and expertly bearded.

Eric - I learned a few weeks ago that Eric carries around a much heavier load than I ever imagined.  He doesn't grumble or complain.  Instead, he volunteers and makes other people laugh.  I also learned that his razor-sharp wit is backed up by a profound intelligence which makes him about one hundred times cooler than I had ever realized.

Ben - Ben started a church a few years ago.  When I visited that church a few months ago, I saw people who had been friends with Ben long before he became a pastor sitting in the front row learning the Bible from him.  This clearly meant to me that these people see that Ben is truly being changed for the better by what he believes.

Joseph - Joseph may, in fact, be the smartest person I have ever met.  You probably don't understand what a compliment that is, but my circle of friends includes people who have gotten near-perfect scores on all of the standardized tests that matter, philosophers, biologists, physicists, engineers, etc.  He recently decided to dramatically alter his career path because his family is more important to him than the title.  I cannot even express how much I want to be like this guy.  I am challenged to grow my intellect, be a harder worker, discipline myself physically, and be a more faithful follower of Jesus every time we talk.

Phil - He is at once the gruffest, funniest, and most soft-hearted father I have ever seen.

Dan - He taught me to be sarcastic many years ago, but now his life models deep sincerity (while still being uproariously funny).  This year, he will welcome his fourth son into the world.  We don't talk about it a lot, but I know that Dan fights to have a faith devoid of cliche and fluff.  I can't wait to see what a clan of mighty men he raises.

Please know there are many other men I greatly admire, and had I the time or space, I would give them each their due tribute.  Perhaps in time I will.

Who do you admire?

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