Sunday, May 13, 2012

my mother

photo: Raj Lulla Photography (i.e. shameless plug)

My mother lets kids whom she did not birth (college roommates, sons/daughters-in-law, et al.) call her "mom," and she gives them hugs whenever she sees them.

She makes better Rice Krispie treats than your mom and in more shapes (including totem pole, US map, wedding cake, et al.).

My mom worries a lot about her kids and grandkids. This can be difficult at times, but it always comes from an incredibly loving place.

She works really hard at her job at hobbies and doesn't seem capable of doing anything halfway.

I learned from her that it's okay if your house doesn't look perfect as long ad it's a great place to live and be ... and as long as it doesn't make your wife upset.

My mom took me to church the week after I was born and all but a couple of weeks thereafter. This changed my life forever.

She probably knows more about weather phenomena than your mom. (If your mom doesn't know the scientific name for freezing fog, she need not apply.)

I was taught a lifelong love of ice cream and classic music (think Beatles, not Beethoven) by my mom.  In these areas, I was and am a star pupil.

My mom is a great person to call whenever you have a question about anything.  Whether it be automobile repair, Microsoft Office tips, medical advice, or cooking questions, you're unlikely to fluster her.

She is a fantastic grandmother.  I think she not-so-secretly enjoys it even more than parenting.

My mom has always gladly gone to bat for her kids and has never backed down when it came to protecting us or making sure we got a fair shake.  Sometimes, we even got a little bit more than a fair shake, and she didn't mind if we didn't quite deserve it.

I love my mom, and I'm glad she's my mom.

Happy Mother's Day, Ma!

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