Monday, May 7, 2012

hidden gems: music I don't like to share with others

The worst thing that can ever happen to a good song is for it to become too popular.

If you doubt me, think of Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" before Grey's Anatomy found it, and then think about it afterwards.

Nevertheless, several of you asked me to share some thoughts about music, so today I'll introduce you to two songs and artists you might not be aware of yet.

1. Kendall Young
I can't vouch for her booty-shaking ways on The Sing Off as part of Delilah, but this girl is a true believer as far as I can tell.  She's [fairly] famous, but she retweets John Piper.  That's impressive in my book.

Her first single is surprisingly worshipful, and her voice in it reminds me of Australian phenom Brooke Fraser (of Hillsong).

Follow her on twitter here if you'd like.

2. Foy Vance
While a smoking, drinking Irishman might be an odd follow-up to a fresh-faced aspiring Christian artist, Foy Vance's music is so incredibly earnest, the connection might not be that much of a stretch.

He will likely remind you of Damien Rice and/or Ray Lamontagne.  Get a napkin.  You might drool.

I could have posted the more polished music video, but if you make it through the 10 minutes of the live version, you'll know why I picked it.


ht: Pat Campbell


  1. If only you had taken such a stance with Coldplay's "Fix You" that one Christmas. *shudder* I still have PTSD from the incessant playing of that song EVERY time we were in the car.

    While I don't believe in forcing music on people, I want the artists I love to be successful. I believe in sharing good music & not keeping it to myself.

    When the radio or Grey's Anatomy try to ruin a good song, I just turn them off. Well Grey's Anatomy was already off because I don't watch that, so yeah.

    1. I actually thought of your relationship with "Fix You" when I was writing this post, but I discounted it because you are so obviously wrong about that song. ;)

      Plus, I don't think I have to remind you about your obsessive tendencies with music. I seem to remember a lot of Dido being played one summer.

      I also believe in sharing good music. It's just hard sometimes because I want it to stay special and novel for a while.

    2. Psh! I am so obviously right about that song. :)

      I absolutely have obsessive tendencies with music, but I cannot recall a time when someone was trapped with me that I continued to play odious tunes despite their objections and cries of agony . . .

      And that is coming from someone who has had one 30 Seconds to Mars album or another in the car probably 75% of the time over the past 6 years. Literally. Imagine my joy when I discovered that a 6 disc in dash CD player is actually useful when you fill it up with MARS discography. :) Of course given any serious objections by my passengers I have graciously picked alternate, though inferior, tunes.


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