Wednesday, May 30, 2012

four years of marriage by the numbers

One blog comment started it all.

One hundred eighty-six pages of e-mails starting four and a half months before we ever met (three months before even speaking to each other).

Two ten-digit phone numbers that connected us across fifteen hundred miles for six weeks before we met.

One iced vanilla latte and one iced chai that sealed our fate.

Eight months of dating.

Seven seasons of The West Wing watched and enjoyed (many times).

Countless burritos shared at Chipotle.

Six months of engagment.

Four years of marriage.

Three Cities.  Two states.
Four Apartments: Three one-bedroom.  One two-bedroom.
Two cars. Then one.

Twelve jobs:
Three jobs for her.
Three full-time jobs for me.
Six part-time jobs for me.

Three pregnancies:
Two miscarriages.
One beautiful baby.

Two guinea pigs. Then one. Then five. Now three. Soon zero?

Four churches. Two heartbreaking departures. One reconciliation.

One goal and purpose.

One love that will last a lifetime.

I love you, Lindsey!  Thank you for the four best years of my life!  Happy anniversary!


  1. My cup runneth over. Love you! Happy anniversary, pb!!! :)

  2. You two are adorable from this side of the blog. I hope to one day meet your lovely wife and precious baby. Congrats to you both on four years. May you be blessed many, many more.

    1. Thanks, September. We will be out much closer to your direction soon.


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