Wednesday, May 9, 2012

choosing well

Most of the things I love about my wife, I had no way of knowing before we got married.

It's not that I didn't have indications based on her character, rather we couldn't have known the sorts of things we would face in our time together on this planet.

I didn't know we would have our first miscarriage publicly because I was a prominent leader in our growing church. We had to grieve in front of others, which brought to the surface many similar wounds that were shared with us. Lindsey needed to offer comfort to others who had hidden their miscarriages and buried the pain for years, and she did, even while mourning.

I didn't know she would be my rock as I struggled through anxiety during our first year of marriage. She could see my panic, even when I was to sheepish to admit it to her. We missed some good friends' wedding because I couldn't bring myself to go up the mountain. Instead, she stayed home and watched TV with me.

I didn't know she would weather ministry blowouts with me and work when no one would hire me. She even worked up through 37 weeks of pregnancy so we could do ministry in Salt Lake City on our own terms with God.

I didn't know what a domestic artist she is. Our table is always filled with delicious food on a tiny budget. She makes our home welcoming and warm and doesn't complain about the things we can't afford.

I didn't know what an incredible mother she would be. She adores and serves our precious baby, already modeling virtue for her. She even lets me relax some at home, changing extra diapers and picking up slack when I am exhausted from working two jobs.

I didn't know these things that I love about my wife when we got married, but I knew her, and I'm not surprised.

I chose well.

Happy 1st Mother's Day, Lindsey! I love you.


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