Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a prayer for my newborn baby girl

photo: Raj Lulla Photography

Dear Charlotte,

I pray that you will have the presence of Audrey Hepburn but the purity of Agnes Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa).

I pray that you will have wit that lights up a room with laughter but kindness to know when to hold your tongue.

I pray that you will have the strength of Joan of Arc but the grace of Elisabeth Eliot.

I pray that you will have the boldness of Lottie Moon and the gentleness of Amy Carmichael.

I pray that you will have great intelligence but greater wisdom that you happily let overshadow your intellect.

I pray that you will have wonderful humor but also gravity to know the vast challenges of your moment in history.

I pray that you will have a strong desire to learn and the steadfastness of mind to ponder the deepest mysteries of God and His universe.

I pray that you will have joy that is infectious and empathy to sit alongside those who mourn.

I pray that you will have patience that challenges rampant selfish consumerism and ambition to tirelessly seek that which truly matters.

I pray that you will have a generous heart that is willing to give your best to someone in need.

I pray that you will have a discerning mind that knows the difference between sympathetic charity and actually helping someone.

I pray that you will have someday [not too soon] a husband who holds you in such great esteem that he cannot imagine living without you and would lay down his own life for you should need ever be.

I pray that you will have character that none can impeach but also humility that knows your faults level you with even the worst of sinners.

I pray that you will follow Jesus with your life and not just with your words, that you will seek to truly know him and not just be satisfied knowing about him.

I pray that when you are unable to live up to all of these prayers, and you will be unable, you know I still love you more everyday and that God still loves you too.

I pray that you know that no matter what happens here on earth, neither of those things will ever change.

I pray that God's love and forgiveness and my love for you give you the unmovable foundation you need to rise up from your sins and mistakes and to seek what is good as though it were water in an unending desert.

I pray that you will be a light to the world and that this place will never be the same because you were here.

Love always,


  1. Oh Raj, that was so beautifully put. It made me tear up a little. I'm sure she'll be all of that and more with you two as parents. You are already a very good dad.
    Much love.

  2. What a great prayer for Charlotte. She will cherish that one day, and probably enjoy looking up who some of those people are. :)


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