Monday, May 9, 2011


photo: State Records NSW

An old Scottish proverb says: "open confession is good for the soul."  Who am I to do anything otherwise?  That said . . .

- When I take an "important phone call" outside/look for office supplies in the storage room/pretend I can't find something that is really visible, I'm usually farting.  I'd rather be seen as aloof than flatulent.

- I hate Dora the Explorer.  She's bossy and loud.  This makes Maraka and Mittens hilarious to me.

- When I get woken up by a telephone call and the caller asks, "Did I wake you up?", I almost always lie.  This has caused close friends to think that I'm always sleeping when they call.

- Even though science suggests there is no link between a person's ability to spell and their overall intelligence, I still have a hard time not judging peoples' intelligence based on their spelling and grammar.

- I investigate potential disasters and deadly pests before considering moving somewhere.  Salt Lake City's last tornado was in 1999.  Here's a video (tell my wife not to watch it):

- Finally, I love cookies, especially peanut butter-chocolate chip ones.  They are dangerous.

What do you need to confess today?


  1. I need to confess... I defintely could have gone without seeing that tornado footage.

  2. In fairness, reports of the tornado called it an "extremely rare" situation for SLC. The fact that 1999 was the most recent supports this claim.

  3. I'm a irrationally afraid of paralysis.
    I'm a busy-body.
    If I met some one just like me, I'm pretty sure they'd drive me crazy.

  4. Raj
    I have recently become addicted to Pawn Stars. That and I miss you horribly.

  5. Haley, I have met people like me, and we usually end up fighting.

    David, I miss you guys too. We should find some time to catch up soon.

  6. I need to confess... I knew you were farting whenever you left a room I was in. FESP.


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