Friday, February 4, 2011

why does it annoy US?

photo: Kevin Steele

I've mentioned before that giving up traditions, personal habits, and even our preferences can feel like killing off a part of our identity.

There are times when we want change, when we get a new hairstyle or clothes, we vacation to a new place, or we try a new restaurant.

In reality, these times show us that we don't like change that much after all.

We want to be a little bit more attractive, to change the scenery with people we already know and love, or to feel a little more satisfied after a meal.

We don't want to change from eating tacos to eating gravel. We just want better tacos.

In most every area where we seek change, we're really just looking for mild improvements over what is otherwise an already pretty pleasant existence.

Even when we're miserable, we sometimes prefer misery we know to anything we don't know, no matter the promise for improvement. If you don't believe me, watch The Biggest Loser.  People don't get to weighing a quarter of a ton because change comes easy.

The real changes, the ones that are "all in" potentially life-altering changes, we mostly avoid until life pushes them on us or until staying the same threatens to kill us or make us feel like dying.

We daydream about those ideas, but it nauseates us to even consider actually taking a step toward them.

A job change. A career change. A major move. A new relationship. Ending a relationship.

When the potential is high enough for something to be truly great in our lives, then it's also high enough to truly crush us if we fail.

What's the last great thing you tried?

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