Wednesday, January 5, 2011

being light vs. being annoying.

Christians often mistake being annoying for being a witness to non-Christians.

Around Christmas, this manifests itself in the "Christmas wars", the annual debate over whether retail workers should say, "Merry Christmas," "Happy holidays," or "Seasons greetings."  Many Christians passive-aggressively or even hostilely assault these unsuspecting clerks with their frustrated Christmas greeting, showing neither merriment nor joy in doing so.

If the story of Christianity is true, as I believe it is, then the God of the universe humbled Himself and became like one of His creatures, descending into a dark, chaotic, and violent world bent on a self-sacrificing path toward the redemption of all mankind.

Assuming that actually happened, I highly doubt God much cares whether or not a retail worker who may or may not even believe in Him greets Christians with "Merry Christmas" as they buy presents for other people.

Last Sunday, I had the chance to preach at our church, and I asked the question, "What does it really look like to show Jesus to the world?"

You can find it online on the Reliance Church website.

(The download link is in blue hyperlink text next to the audio player.)

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